Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Married | Boise ID Wedding Photographer

Blue skies canopied Nhi and Truong's church ceremony:


Signs of matrimonial celebration quietly dotted the stately sanctuary:


Together with their bridal party, Nhi and Truong swept toward the pulpit:


and took their place facing their guests

to worship together:

Raised hands blessed this couple:

and a sermon of encouragement and advice was offered as the congregation soaked it in:

Rings and promises were exchanged

and even the tiniest of attendants partook in communion:

The final prayer for guidance on this new journey together:
and they're married!
Some of Truong's closest friends gathered around the married man (!)- you may remember Cassie and Mandy and Kevin too? Good friends are worth more than gold...


Jubilant family members surrounded the newly minted couple:

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. H! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Ceremony | Boise ID Wedding Photographer

7am - all was serene in the house, except for some bleary-eyed people padding about. "We only slept three hours," Nhi admitted.  photo ngha1_zpsdafc7774.jpg
It was the day for which she and Truong worked so diligently the last few months. It was THE DAY. Yet if Nhi was nervous or stressed, she really didn't show it- she was as elegant as the strand of pearls atop her dresser:  photo ngha2_zpsc8ee66c1.jpg
 photo ngha3_zpsf8d4a5a7.jpg
I left her home to let her get ready, and headed over to the groom's home, where the excitement was palpable. Everyone was ready to receive the bride at her home, a tradition in the Vietnamese custom. This would involve a procession of the groom's family and friends bearing all kinds of gifts, including a roast pig:  photo ngha4_zpsa6ded549.jpg
 photo ngha5_zps7b4f7f01.jpg
Truong rallied his troops into the stretch limo - the man has style!  photo ngha6_zpse1ef9f86.jpg
 photo ngha7_zps1e0ee0da.jpg
The groom's procession arrived at the bride's home, where her family and friends met Truong and his group outside:  photo ngha8_zps8c8f26f5.jpg
 photo ngha9_zps8887dd1f.jpg
and they quickly gathered around for the tea ceremony.  photo ngha10_zpsa49ea0c3.jpg
In the meantime, Nhi slipped on her traditional dress:  photo ngha11_zps833f25d3.jpg
The details on the dress are exquisite!  photo ngha12_zps4a6ee5e9.jpg
Truong patiently awaited his bride, and when she made her grand entrance, he could not take his eyes off her:  photo ngha13_zps072608b0.jpg
 photo ngha14_zpsd8bd405d.jpg
 photo ngha15_zps70e0decb.jpg
 photo ngha16_zps0f9abf52.jpg
The ceremony proceeded to the bride's ancestral altar for blessings, followed by the tea and candle ceremony, and many heartfelt speeches:  photo ngha17_zpsca0fc668.jpg
 photo ngha18_zpsaa6a62b2.jpg
 photo ngha19_zps356fd019.jpg
 photo ngha20_zps1bda1db0.jpg
 photo ngha21_zpsf7a6b281.jpg
 photo ngha22_zps83815ae4.jpg
 photo ngha23_zpsd315cb1f.jpg
Then off to the groom's home, where Nhi was introduced to the rest of Truong's family:  photo ngha24_zps13dee180.jpg
 photo ngha25_zpse35c99c5.jpg
 photo ngha26_zpsa60819f0.jpg
 photo ngha27_zpse130408f.jpg
 photo ngha29_zpsbf680235.jpg
 photo ngha30_zps73bd0698.jpg
 photo ngha31_zps11e64b52.jpg
 photo ngha32_zpsbd1102c8.jpg
Nhi's gorgeous Vera Wang dress awaited her for the next leg of their wedding day festivities:  photo ngha33_zps058ea76f.jpg
Church ceremony photos to follow-

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